Among the World’s Best: Coron

The Philippines, having all of 7.107 islands is both a boon and bane for our tourist industry. Detached from it’s nearby Southeast Asian neighbors, one has no other option but to take another plane to transit through Manila and head off to the other islands. On the other hand, it is this sort of isolation that has lent the islands each with its own character, the beaches are some of the best, the world has to offer. Coron is one such place.

Located some 400 kms. southwest of Manila, Coron is only one of the 1,768 islands in Palawan. On approach to Busuanga, where the airport is located, numerous islands dot this municipality and is blessed with isolated and wonderful beaches…I’ll let the pictures do the talking from here on as it’s all best experienced, first hand…

This is indeed, paradise πŸ™‚

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